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Thanks for your interest in the FamilyChristian.com Affiliate Program. If you have a website, this is your opportunity to earn revenue. There is no cost to sign up or participate, and you earn up to 7% commission for every sale generated through your site! Read below to learn more on how you can start earning money today or click here to join now.

Three Easy Steps to Join:

  • Sign Up For FamilyChristian.com Affiliates through the CJ Network.
  • Apply to the "Family Christian" Affiliate Program
  • Start Adding Links!

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Why Become A FamilyChristian.com Affiliate

6% Cash Commissions
Whenever anyone at your site clicks on our banners or links, a cookie containing your unique account ID tags the user for the next 45 days. If this visitor places an order at any time within this 45 day time period, we will pay you 6% of the purchase price—and you'll get paid monthly. Plus, take advantage of special incentives to earn even more based on performance—up to 7%! | Back To Top

Trusted Third Party Pays You
FamilyChristian.com Affiliates uses an independent third party tracking system, Commission Junction. Commission Junction (cj.com) is a respected industry leader that has a state of the art tracking system. 100% of your results are monitored. This information is accessible to you 24 hours a day through their web-site. You will be given a special password to view all of your activity. Commission Junction is the most reliable and accurate 3rd party tracking system online. | Back To Top

Broaden Your Website with the Latest in Christian Products
Adding product information and the ability to order to your website not only generates income, but provides a better experience for your users, which means more repeat visitors and greater exposure. | Back To Top

Rapidly Expanding Product Line
With 1000's of books, music, movies, kids, Bibles, software, apparel, gifts and cards in stock, your visitors are sure to find what they want. We stock a deep inventory and ship worldwide! | Back To Top

Work with the Leader in Christian Retailing
Family Christian® is America's leading specialty retailer with over 320 locations and over 5,000 employees in 39 states dedicated solely to the Christian retailing market. Our mission is to offer an extensive selection of high-quality, Christian-related products of exceptional value from both a retail and online experience. Partnering with FamilyChristian.com allows you to tap into the largest brand in the Christian retailing market. | Back To Top

It's Free, Easy and You Can Start Generating Commissions Today!
All you need to do is Apply Now and you can start earning commissions today! You'll be set up within a few minutes by following the easy directions. We look forward to having you on the team!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Commission Junction?
A. A leader in affiliate marketing programs, Commission Junction provides affiliates with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks, to handle all of our affiliate accounts. Once you sign up for our program, you can go to Commission Junction's site to create your own personal and secure account. Here you can log in at any time to get our banners and links, find out about commissions earned and even learn about how many impressions each of your links has received. | Back To FAQ

Q. How Do I Add FamilyChristian.com Affiliate Links to My Site?
A. Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you'll be provided with a variety of banners, buttons and text and product links that you can add to your site. You can log into your account through Commission Junction at any time to see a list of our available banners. Once logged in, select "FamilyChristian" in the Current Merchant Partner area. You'll now see our information page. Select "Show Links" towards the bottom. Choose your desired link(s) and select "Get HTML." Copy and paste the HTML code to your web page. You may add as many links, both text and banner, as you would like to your site. It's that easy! | Back To FAQ

Q. When do I get paid?
A. Once you join our affiliate program, you'll be able to log into your account at Commission Junction and go the area titled "Generate Report." Here you can see how much you've earned and even download a file if desired. Earnings are automatically sent out every month via check to all Affiliates who have accumulated at least $25.00 in their account. There are no invoices to send and no data to track—all payments are taken care of by FamilyChristian.com and Commission Junction. For those affiliates earning over $600 in a year, 1099's will be issued for tax reporting purposes. | Back To FAQ

Q. What is my commission based on?
A. Commissions are paid on net sales. Your net sales are calculated by subtracting shipping and handling, tax, gift certificates, coupons, credit or non-cash payment, credit card processing fees and returns or chargebacks from your total sales amount. Other discounts or special sales taking place at FamilyChristian.com are included in this calculation. | Back To FAQ

Q. Can you help me set up the program?
A. Yes. With our simple Affiliate Program Application, you probably won't need much help, but our help desk is only an email away! | Back To FAQ

Q. Must I have a Christian-related site?
A. No. Although our program is a natural fit for Christian-related websites, other sites can also link to FamilyChristian.com and greatly benefit from the program. | Back To FAQ

Q. Will my website be accepted?
A. We reserve the right to refuse membership to a site or revoke a site's membership at any time if we find that it contains or links to offensive or illegal material. This includes pornography, explicit language or content, violence, discrimination, promotion of illegal activities, violation of intellectual property rights or laws, libelous, defamatory or disparaging materials or sites with little or no original content. Per our Terms and Conditions, we also reserve the right to revoke membership to a site that we feel is not participating with a true spirit of partnership. Tampering with FamilyChristian.com logos, using disparaging language, or deliberately trying to hack, or in any way scam, FamilyChristian.com will result in immediate dismissal from the Affiliate Program and could possibly lead to legal recourse. | Back To FAQ

Q. What if I operate more than one website?
A. You can have multiple sites under one affiliate account and create links for each of them. You can also generate separate reports for each site. Your monthly check will reflect commissions earned on all of your sites combined. | Back To FAQ

Q. Can I change what products I offer?
A. Yes. You may change the number and selection of products offered through your site as often as you like. You can also vary your choice of FamilyChristian.com banner and button images to keep the appearance of your site fresh. We actually highly encourage this activity. | Back To FAQ

Q. Can I place links to specific products on my site?
A. Yes. In fact, we have seen that presenting a particular product can be the most effective way to increase your sales as a FamilyChristian.com Affiliate. To link to a product page, log into your CJ account, click on "Get Links > By Relationship" and you'll see the Family Christian program. Click on "View Products" to access our database and then you can search by title. Simply click on "Get HTML" after you find the product and you're all set. Go to the Marketing Tips section for more ideas on how to display products. | Back To FAQ

Q. Can I list product prices?
A. No. Special discounts may apply for a limited time. Changes in availability can also lead to changes in prices or discounts. Affiliates that list prices run the risk of confusing their visitors when prices change. | Back To FAQ

Q. Will FamilyChristian.com send junk email to people who shop there from my site?
A. No. FamilyChristian.com does offer Free Email Newsletters to announce events and new releases, but we do not send unsolicited mail to our customers even though they provide an email address when making a purchase. We do not send any unsolicited email, so guests to your site who learn about FamilyChristian.com are safe with us. Click here to read our full privacy policy. | Back To FAQ

Q. Does Family Christian Offer Franchise Opportunities?
A. All Family Christian stores are company owned and managed. We do not franchise our business operations at this time.

Q. How do I get my own products for sale at Family Christian & FamilyChristian.com?
A. For more information on product submission to Family Christian, please go here: http://www.familychristian.com/productreview

Q. I still have questions. Can I contact you?
A. We'd love to answer any other questions you have. Click here to email us.

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Marketing Tips For FamilyChristian.com Affiliates

There's no limit to the amount of money you can earn through our Affiliate Program. FamilyChristian.com views our Affiliates as partners, and we want to help you succeed. This section offers tips on how you can make more money by maximizing the opportunities available with the Affiliate Program. Choose the tips that are most appropriate for your website.

  • Feature your links prominently. Make it easy for people to find your links. Include the links on the main pages of your site as well as on sub-pages.
  • Place as many product links on your site as possible. Feature the best-sellers in each category (we update you each month through the Affiliate Newsletter) and display in a prominent location. Research proves that you'll get a higher EPC (earnings per click) with specific products. To link to a product page, log into your CJ account, click on "Get Links > By Relationship" and you'll see the Family Christian program. Click on "View Products" to access our database and then you can search by title. Simply click on "Get HTML" after you find the product and you're all set.
  • Support your links with descriptive text and recommendations. A banner alone is only somewhat effective. Visitors are more likely to buy an item if you recommend it or explain why the item is of interest. Feature items that match your visitors' interests. Recommend items that directly relate to the topics you address on your site.
  • Take advantage of free giveaways, seasonal promotions and featured items. Visit FamilyChristian.com regularly to see what items, holidays and topics are being featured, and tie in your own promotions accordingly.
  • Include cover images with products you mention. Make a stronger, more interesting presentation by including an image of a specific product.
  • Presenting specific products to your site's visitors is an effective way to encourage sales which will generate revenue for you as an Affiliate.
  • Tell friends and family to use your site to get products they want. Many people are glad to shop somewhere if they know that their business carries benefits for someone they know. Spread the word about your Affiliation with FamilyChristian.com.
  • Utilize the resources of our Affiliate Program partner Commission Junction. After participating as an Affiliate for a few months, view your site statistics at Commission Junction to determine which of your FamilyChristian.com links are performing best for your site. Then use more of that kind of link on the main page or sub-pages of your site.
  • Also, utilize the resources of Commission Junction to learn more about Internet marketing. After signing up as an Affiliate, log in to Commission Junction and click on the "Learn" tab to read what the industry leaders of Internet marketing have to say about success.

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