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A Promise Kept

Robin Lee Hatcher
A Promise Kept
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God was going to save her marriage, Allison was sure of it. But neither her husband nor her marriage had been saved. What had become of His promise? Tony Kavanagh had been Allison’s dream-come-true. They were in love within days, engaged within weeks, married and pregna... Read More

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God was going to save her marriage, Allison was sure of it. But neither her husband nor her marriage had been saved. What had become of His promise?

Tony Kavanagh had been Allison’s dream-come-true. They were in love within days, engaged within weeks, married and pregnant within a year. Her cup bubbled over with joy... but years later, that joy had been extinguished by unexpected trials.

The day Allison issued her husband an ultimatum, she thought it might save him. She never expected he would actually leave. She was certain God had promised to heal; it was clear that she had misunderstood.

Now, living in the quiet mountain cabin she inherited from her single, self-reliant Great Aunt Emma, Allison must come to terms with her grief and figure out how to adapt to small town life. But when she finds a wedding dress and a collection of journals in Emma’s attic, a portrait of her aunt emerges that takes Allison completely by surprise: a portrait of a heartbroken woman surprisingly like herself.

As Allison reads the incredible story of Emma’s life in the 1920s and 1930s, she is forced to ask a difficult question: Does she really surrender every piece of her life to the Lord?

Drawing from her own heart-wrenching story of redemption, A Promise Kept is Robin Lee Hatcher’s emotionally charged thanksgiving to a God who answers prayers- in His own time and His own ways.
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Softcover
  • Release Date: Jan 7, 2014
  • UPC: 9781401687656
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 304
  • Publish Date: Jan 14, 2014
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "FIC042040"
  • ISBN: 1401687652

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Christian fiction at its best by Carole on 3/2/2014

"This wasn't the life Allison Kavanagh had imagined for herself, but it was what her life had become. Like it or not, she had to get on with it." With these beginning words, Robin pens a deeply personal and moving story of marriage, divorce, heartbreak, and restoration.

The descriptions of the mountain cabin and community of Kings Meadow just north of Boise, Idaho create a great sense of place. And while I'm not a dog person, I fell in love with Gizmo. Allison had "read somewhere that owning a Papillon meant never going to the bathroom alone, and it was true. . . . She loved him for making her feel less alone."

The contemporary narrative seamlessly flashes back to the 1920s and 30s through the journals of Allison's Great Aunt Emma, a character I was immediately drawn to - financially independent as a nature photographer and considered to be the "rebel" of the family. But a different Emma emerges through the pages of her journal, and her words that impacted Allison will speak to readers also.

Allison, a woman of deep faith who had tried so hard to save her marriage, is heartbroken when her obedience results in Troy walking away. "She'd been so certain God would heal her marriage, but it was clear that she'd misunderstood. For Allison's marriage was over and God did not lie."

Relevant, compelling, emotional, honest, Spirit filled, real . . . A Promise Kept is Christian fiction at its best, a well-written story that entertains, yet challenges and convicts at the same time. For while this story focuses on a marriage torn apart by alcohol addiction, it also reminds us of spiritual truths that we know, but often tend to forget in the heat of the moment. It's piercing message is for all Christians as Allison asks herself, "Am I thankful for the hard things and disappointments that have happened in my life? Have I let Him be Lord over every area of my life?"

A Promise Kept is a great example of how God can use Christian fiction to change lives. I am thankful Robin and her husband, Jerry, were willing to share their story and pray that many readers will pick up this book and be touched by its message. I highly recommend this story to all readers.

Thank you to Litfuse Publicity for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

A Promise Kept by Robin Lee Hatcher by Wanda Barefoot on 2/15/2014

Allison Kavanagh who is recently divorced moves into her great aunt Emma's home in Kings Meadow, Idaho to put the pieces of her life back together after a painful divorce. The journals she finds in the attic that were written by her great aunt Emma completely change her life. Through the journals she learns to forgive her ex-husband, Tony. They help her draw closer to God and to hear his voice more clearly. She also comes to the realization that just because a prayer isn't answered immediately it doesn't mean it won't be answered. She learns she must simply wait on God.

In this book you follow the lives of both Allison and her great aunt Emma. Allison's life happening at present and Emma's through her journals written over a span of forty years. Shared one entry at a time, each letter is a glimpse into Emma's past. A past that has been hidden for decades from future generations. You will come to know the true aunt Emma right along with Allison who uncovers secrets as she reads through the pages one by one. You will experience Emma's highs and lows, her moments of rejoicing and her moments of heartbreak along with little bits of wisdom on every page.

"A faith that can't be tested can't be trusted"

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the lives of these characters for the duration of this story. They were so lovable and endearing and both Allison's and Emma's stories, although they happened in different eras, are prevalent today. You will see God's power of restoration unfold within the pages as each character draws closer to the One that makes all things new.

"Freedom. I thought much about the word over the winter. I contemplated what it means to be free in Christ, and I resolved that freedom in Christ is the only kind of freedom worth anything. Every other kind of freedom pales beside it. And if I am free in Christ, then I will know freedom wherever he leads me, even if He should lead me into a prison cell, as He did the apostle Paul, or into a solitary life in a log house in the mountains of Idaho, as it seems to be now for me.

I continue to pray for Alexander. I wish he might know this freedom too. I understand now, as I could not understand before, that he was bound up on the inside. I wanted him to fill my every need, needs that can only be filled by the King of Kings. It is not fair to put that burden on another human being..."

Such thought provoking revelations are common in this story. It will satisfy you as a reader and strengthen your faith. The romance aspect takes a backseat but you will never miss it as the story makes a profound statement all on its own. Many tears were shed while reading this book and I encourage you to read the Author's Note at the end of the story as well because the tears don't end with the story. This is a miraculous story of healing and restoration that will touch the reader's heart. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review. The opinions expressed are mine alone. If I recommend a book you can believe it's simply because I liked it. I received no monetary compensation for the review.

Secrets Unfold by Nancee on 2/5/2014

Recently divorced, Allison Kavanagh moves to the mountains of Idaho into the log home left to her by her great aunt Emma. The dissolution of her marriage weighed heavily on her heart, her conscience still pricked by the knowledge that God hates divorce. Her alcoholic ex-husband had wreaked havoc in their relationship. Her only daughter lives in Texas. Alone, she seeks resolution in her life, her faith having been destroyed along with her marriage. Through the discovery of her aunt's journals penned throughout the majority of her life, Allison begins a journey through her aunt's life that reveals secrets that lurked in her family's past.

The spiritual journey that Allison exemplifies is quite familiar, as she struggles with questions regarding whether she imagined or truly heard God's commands, and guilt regarding her failed marriage. As voiced in the book, while God hates divorce, He doesn't hate the divorced.

Allison's story is told alongside Emma's life story, alternating between the two time periods, occasionally reverting to Allison's early years with her former husband. At times I found this a bit confusing to follow, but as my reading continued their stories blended well. The author has created a very touching life history and spiritual journey through the pages of A Promise Kept. Very detailed and emotional, the story of how Allison began to rediscover her faith is heartwarming and an example for others who have faced divorce, and have lived with an alcoholic. The rediscovery of faith is a very strong point in this story of new beginnings and past heartache that have been blended into a poignant story of two very special women.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from LitFuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.

Wonderful, Wonderful Book by Sally on 1/9/2014

As a child of an alcoholic, I felt an immediate connection to Allison, who is recovering from her divorce from Tony, an alcoholic. I understand how a person can love an alcoholic but hate alcoholism. One of the lovely statements in the novel came from Allison's mother who said, "God hates divorce. He doesn't hate the divorced" (171). Robin Lee Hatcher did not delve into the ugliness of the situation, but elevated the story into one of hope and promise. Anyone who has dealt with problems of addiction or divorce would benefit by reading this novel.

Short chapters told in first person alternate between the stories of Allison and Emma, Allison's great aunt. Emma's log cabin is left to Allison. When Allison discovers Emma's journals, she also discovers how many things they have in common.

The question of why God would not keep His word is thoroughly answered in a most satisfying way. I definitely recommend this wonderful novel!

Thank you to BookSneeze® Thomas Nelson for my copy.

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