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A Marriage Carol
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A Marriage Carol

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On Christmas Eve twenty years earlier, Marlee and Jacob were married in a snowstorm. This Christmas Eve, they are ready to quit, divorce is imminent. Their relationship is as icy as the road they're traveling and as blocked with troubles as the piling snow. They take a shortcut to get to the lawyer's office, on a slippery, no-fault path. She thinks they need to stay on the main road. He disagrees. They fight. Story of their lives and they slam into a bank of snow, spinning, drifting, falling, out of control. Just like their lives. Reluctantly, freezing cold, hungry, scared, she trudges up the hill. Paul is nowhere to be found. Her ears frozen, fingers and hands red, she comes to a house on the hillside, built like a Bed and Breakfast, a green wreath on the red door and the door-knocker is in the shape of a wedding ring.
The red door opens and the first thing she notices is the fire in the room, blazing hot, a warm, inviting, friendly place and the voice of an old man welcomes her in. There are three golden pots on the hearth, shining, glimmering things. The old man claims that they are used to restore marriages. She laughs--and begins a journey through her past, present, and future that will test how she views her lifelong love. There are two futures available. Which will she choose?

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  • Release Date: Sep 1, 2011

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Don't Miss This Touching Christmas Read! by Judy on 11/7/2013

Maralee and Jacob have had it with their marriage. The final paperwork for the end will be signed on Christmas Eve.

While driving to their destination the snow falls heavily and the roads are getting very slippery. Jacob decides to take a shortcut through a mountain pass and this is where Maralee’s journey begins.

Can man/woman say when a marriage is over? What about God?

I found this book to be very insightful, touching, and healing. If it doesn’t make you think about your own marriage something is wrong. There is always room for improvement. A gentler kinder voice, uplifting words, a praise or two when due, maybe even a loving touch.

If you are reading this review, I urge you to pick up a copy of A Marriage Carol. You will not be disappointed!

Unforgettable! by Nancee on 10/23/2013

It's Christmas Eve, and Jacob and Marlee Ebenezer have an appointment with a divorce lawyer to dissolve their 20-year marriage. Years of detachment and indifference in their marriage have led to a tragic end. As heavy snow drifts down the car skids along the highway toward their afternoon appointment in the city. Heavy traffic and treacherous driving conditions prompt Jacob to take the shortcut on County Line Road. Marlee recalls that same drive in similar weather conditions after their Christmas Eve wedding so many years ago. She fears they won't make it over the mountain through the heavily swirling snow. Nearing a curve the last things Marlee remembers are two headlights and the sound of an air horn. When she awakens the car is embedded in a snowbank and Jacob nowhere to be found. With no chance to survive the storm sitting in the car alone, Marlee seeks help at a nearby home where she is welcomed by an older gentleman who claims to have restored numerous marriages. He seats her by the fire and goes in search of Jacob. As Marlee's concerns for her three children and her missing husband mount the older gentleman returns alone and takes Marlee on a journey through the past, bringing about haunting memories. The present fills with concerns, and fears of the future nearly break her. How will divorce affect their children? Are they making a mistake? Where is Jacob?

This unforgettable story of a love that has grown stagnant through the years touches a tender place in the heart of the reader. Through the busyness of careers and raising children a husband and wife drift apart to a point where there appears to be no common ground. Our choices affect every detail in our lives. The authors have created a situation that is all too common in marriages, complacency and rancor. In this modern-day Dickensonian tale lessons in compassion and unconditional love warm the heart and invite us to examine our own lives and relationships. The descriptive elements in this story are vivid and memorable. Secrets in the snow play a magical role in this stirring novella. I began reading this book late one evening, and as I headed for bed I sensed a blizzard raging outside the house. I had to look out the window to confirm that it was a typical balmy October night! I awoke during the night to the sound of what I perceived to be a snow plow! Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman did a brilliant job of creating this realistic Christmas Eve!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from River North, Fiction From Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.


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