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A Beauty Refined (Sapphire Brides Series #2)

Tracie Peterson
A Beauty Refined (Sapphire Brides Series #2)
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A Beauty Refined is the 2nd book in the Sapphire Brides series by Tracie PetersonPhoebe Von Bergen is excited to accompany her father when he travels from Germany to purchase sapphires in Montana. Little does she know that her father's plans--for the gemstones and his daugh... Read More

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A Beauty Refined is the 2nd book in the Sapphire Brides series by Tracie Peterson

Phoebe Von Bergen is excited to accompany her father when he travels from Germany to purchase sapphires in Montana. Little does she know that her father's plans--for the gemstones and his daughter--are not what they seem.

Ian Harpe is a lapidary working in Helena who finds the young woman staying at the Broadwater Hotel more than a little intriguing. Yet the more he gets to know her, the more he realizes that her family story is based on a lie--a lie she has no knowledge of. And Ian believes he knows the only path that will lead her to freedom.

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Pages: 320
Released: 07/2016
  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Softcover
  • Release Date: Jun 21, 2016
  • UPC: 9780764213250
  • Volumes/Discs: 1
  • Pages: 320
  • Publish Date: Jul 5, 2016
  • Language: English
  • Audience Age Maximum: 0
  • Audience Age Minimum: 0
  • BISAC: "FIC042030"
  • ISBN: 0764213253

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Absolute Gem by Chastity on 8/9/2016

A Beauty Refined is the second book in Tracie Peterson's Sapphire Brides series. Although it is the second book it can be read as a stand alone. I have read them both and highly recommend each one.

Graf Von Bergen is on a business trip to America. He is to be buying sapphires from Ceylon for the Dutchess She has deemed those the best, but he has found he can ger beautiful sapphires elsewhere. Not only are the sapphires beautiful in Montana, they are also a great deal cheaper. Even with his travel expenses he can still save a great deal, of course he doens't plan on telling the Dutchess they aren't from Ceylon, nor does he plan to give her the money he saves. The Graf is a man used to getting his way, one way or the other. He commands, rather demands respect and will not tolerate anyone crossing him or getting in his way.

Phoebe Von Bergen is excited to travel with her father. She has heard much about America and can't wait to see if those stories are true. Used to her father's temper she doesn't think much about it when he barates the hired help. Afterall, if they did what he asked he would have no reason to get upset. She isn't cold hearted, but after losing her mother at such a young age she does tend to make excuses for his unacceptable behavior. Phoebe is nothing like her father, she takes after her deceased mother both in looks and in manners.

Due to her father's frequent meetings, Phoebe tends to spend a lot of time by herself. She dones't mind however, there is plenty to do and explore both at the hotel and in the city of Helena. On one of her excursions touring the grounds she bumps into Ian and Kenny. They quckly become friends and she enjoys spending time with the duo.

A Beauty Refined is a story that reminds us things aren't always what they seem. Graft Von Bergen seems to have everything a man could ask for: money, social standing, a handsome son and lovely daughter and a dream job of buying gems for a Prussian Dutchess. However, a long held secret comes to light and threatens to destroy the very image that the Graft has tried so hard to contain.

This is yet another wonderful work of art by Tracie Peterson You will fall in love with the characters and be carried away back in time to a world most have forgotten. Of course, if you're like me you won't love all the characters. Along with the Graft there were a few others who made my stomach turn. It's hard to believe some people can really be that despicable. It's not all doom and gloom however, and I don't mean to give you that impression. There is also love, friendship and families restored. A Beauty Refined is a must read for those who love historical romance, and if you've never read a historical romance novel then I recommend you start with A Beauty Refined. You won't regret it!

*I was given a copy of A Beauty Refined by Tracie Peterson from Bethany House Publishers in exchage for an honest review. The opinions expressed above are my own.

#2 of Tracie Peterson's stories of Sapphire Bride series by Mary Y on 7/15/2016

Father loves daughter. Right? Count Graf Von Bergen wants a rich husband for Phoebe, takes her with him to America on a special trip, gives her a personal maid, but what is really deep in his heart? Phoebe has been lonely for years, losing her mother very young to a ship drowning. She and her brother are very different in personality and endeavors and her father is a distant figure most of the time. When Phoebe travels to America, she gets to see a new world in Helena, Montana. Her father is there to purchase sapphires to please a client that makes him very wealthy. Secretly he has already chosen a husband for his daughter. She must comply. Or will she? She feels like a woman for the first time as she meets a young man at hotel who is accompanying a little boy teaching him to swim. When the boy sees Phoebe, he is drawn to her face. He draws her in by asking his friend to teach her to swim. She is unsure, but a relationship for the three develops. Soon it becomes apparent that her father (vatter) has lied to her about her life. The mystery unfolds while in America. This is a story of evil, hate, greed and murder. God's love wins out for our favorite characters. Read this one for intrigue.

This review is my own and this book was provided by Bethany/Baker Books. Mary Ann Young Robinson, Boise, Idaho

Second book in Sapphire Brides series! by Kristina Anderson, The Avid Reader on 7/12/2016

A Beauty Refined by Tracie Peterson is the second book in the Sapphire Brides series. Graf Frederick Von Bergen (Graf is like an English Count) has come to Helena, Montana to purchase sapphires for his client, the Sapphire Duchess. Frederick has brought his daughter, Phoebe with him on the trip. Phoebe has always been an obedient and doting daughter. Ian Harper, a lapidary, is visiting the hotel to speak with his mother when he sees Phoebe from afar. Phoebe looks just like someone he knows (but he is also drawn to her). Phoebe is walking around the grounds of The Broadwater Hotel where they are staying and sees a woman who looks just like her mother. Phoebe was told that her mother, Elizabeth, passed away when she was twelve (and still feels the loss deeply). It turns out that Phoebe’s mother is alive. There are aspects of her father that Phoebe is unaware of (or ignored). While the Graf is away for two weeks looking at a sapphire mine, Phoebe gets to know her mother and Ian. What Phoebe learns changes her view of her father and what she wants in life. What will the Graf do when Phoebe no longer bows to his wishes?

A Beauty Refined is a lovely story that focuses on truth/honesty, faith, and the power of prayer. It contains good characters (like Phoebe, Elizabeth, Ian, and Kenny), a lovely setting (of Helena, Montana), and interesting time period of 1907 (summer). The novel is well-written (as are all of Tracie Peterson’s books) and easy to read. You can enjoy A Beauty Refined without having read the first book in the Sapphire Bride series (each book can be read alone). There is some violence in the books (fair warning) that can be disconcerting. I give A Beauty Refined 4 out of 5 stars (I liked it). I will definitely be reading the next book in the Sapphire Bride series (as well as any others books by Tracie Peterson).

I received a complimentary copy of A Beauty Refined from NetGalley (and Baker Publishing) in exchange for an honest evaluation of the book. The opinions and comments expressed above are strictly my own.

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