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20 Things We'd Tell Our Twentysomething Selves

Kelli Worrall, Peter Worrall
20 Things We'd Tell Our Twentysomething Selves

In 20 Things We’d Tell Our Twentysomething Selves, Peter and Kelli Worrall share the top things they wish they’d known a little sooner. As college professors more than a decade past their twenties, they’ve gained not a little wisdom and perspective since then. Their ad... Read More

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Item # 1592516


Item # 1592516

In 20 Things We’d Tell Our Twentysomething Selves, Peter and Kelli Worrall share the top things they wish they’d known a little sooner. As college professors more than a decade past their twenties, they’ve gained not a little wisdom and perspective since then. Their advice will help you make your twenties a roaring success.
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  • Release Date: Oct 15, 2015
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A Honest Conversation about Faith and Foundations by Lindsey on 4/25/2016

With wit and wisdom ranging from their own personal stories, Shakespeare, Winnie the Pooh and Scripture, the Worrall's lay out a foundation of faith and purpose for those seeking God's perspective and will for their lives. This book feels like sitting down with Peter & Kelli in their living room over a nice cup of British tea, sharing their wisdom and life lessons. I'm in my 30's, and God has used this book to speak directly into my life in powerful ways. The book is moving, honest, authentic and at times humorous. It has the feeling of discipleship mixed with solid Biblical teaching among the pages. In "20 Things", the Worrall's are beautifully transparent and honest, passing on the ways God has shaped and molded them both together and separately through both blessings and trials. This book is for anyone who is searching for what God has next, their purpose on the journey of faith, or advice on the path to becoming more like Christ. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who is in a transitional time, seeking to firm up their foundation or get real with their faith.

As a side note, I highly recommend the audio book, as hearing the author's personal stories in their own words adds a level of personal connection and reliability.

A Time for Everything by Tickmenot on 3/2/2016

Many people reach their twenties and think, "I'm grown-up now, therefore, I should have all the answers." But that thinking will only set one up for disappointment. The husband and wife team of Kelli and Peter Worrall, have written this book to help navigate this time period. It is the advice they wish someone would have told them when they were that age.

Even though someone is in their twenties, a lot of learning will still take place, especially about living life as an adult. Mistakes will be made, but that is not a sign of failure. The course of one's life can be set during this time, and then it can be changed again. Life in this decade is a time of mastering relationships, possibly moving, picking a career, or a myriad of other things. It is a time of education, exploring, and change.

This book is a tool that might help you maneuver through obstacles in your life. Besides the twenty points of advice the authors give, each chapter ends with actions to mull over, along with some reading or media material to consider.

A couple of the topics the authors' include are patience and worry. Kelli tells how hard it was to wait until she was twenty-nine to finally meet the person she would marry. Before she met her future husband, she worried she never would find a spouse. The temptation was strong to push relationships that weren't "right," to become more serious. She also states that some friends gave in to that impulse, and have ended up in unhappy marriages, or even divorce court.

The couple shares the ups and downs each of them individually faced in their twenties. They include faith journeys each one traveled through, and questions they had about God. They assure the reader it is alright to ask hard questions about God, He can take it, and there is nothing wrong with wanting answers. Both of them relate hard things that happened in their childhoods, and how that shaped some of the things they did during their twenties.

I recommend this 5-star book to people who need help with direction or information in their lives. My best council would be to look to God for direction in life. Even if you doubt His existence, stay open to the wisdom and advice that can be found in the Bible. The authors advise to remain teachable. In that spirit, your parents can also be a rich source of advice. As Mark Twain has been credited with saying:

"When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years."

The publisher has provided bookreadingtic with a complimentary copy of 20 Things We'd Tell Our Twenty-Something Selves, through Moody Publishing for the purpose of review. I have not been compensated in any other manner. All opinions expressed are my own, and I was not required, or influenced, to give anything but an honest appraisal. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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