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10 Commandments

Robert Spooner

This oversized, three-dimensional masterpiece will be the center of any room's decor. Featuring the text of the Ten Commandments on a pair of tablets, this framed art piece is striking and elegant. Colored in earth tones and featuring a stone-like texture on the tablets, thi... Read More

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Framed Art
Item # 1330855

This oversized, three-dimensional masterpiece will be the center of any room's decor. Featuring the text of the Ten Commandments on a pair of tablets, this framed art piece is striking and elegant.

Colored in earth tones and featuring a stone-like texture on the tablets, this framed plaque is ideal for display in a home or church.

Framed piece measures 30"(W) x 37"(H)

Text on tablets:

I. Thou shalt have no other gods before me
II. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images
III. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
IV. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
V. Honor thy father and thy mother
VI. Thou shalt not kill
VII. Thou shalt not commit adultery
VIII. Thou shalt not steal
IX. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
X. Thou shalt not covet any thing that is thy neighbor's

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  • While Supplies Last: Yes
  • Product type: Default
  • Format: Framed Art
  • Release Date: Jan 13, 2011
  • UPC: 809292085012
  • Width: 30.00
  • Length: 37.00

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Amazing framed art of the 10 Commandments/Superior Customer Service by The Kings on 11/17/2016

The 10 Commandment Framed Art is amazing, it's a conversation piece and my husband and I had to have it. I must say it beautiful. Also, the representative of customer service was awesome in helping us purchase the item from the store in our area after I had ordered it on line. The refund was in our account within a couple of days. Thank you Michelle. The Kings.

White House by TC on 5/25/2015

They can remove the 10 Commandments from the White House, but they cannot remove it from my house.

I Bought the picture frame for myself 2 weeks ago,it is stunning and a blessing. by Sandra O.Rivera on 9/21/2013

I place the 10 Commandments framed Art in the entrance of my hallway at my home is striking and elegant and the most beautiful and unique piece of art,And every one that comes and visit loves it.I'm a person of faith and just want to live by Gods words.My congratulation!! to THE ARTIST ROBERT SPOONER.

Visually Striking Framed Art by Stan & Rachel Taylor on 9/8/2013

Although the frame does not appear to be solid wood, the Ten Commandments art work by Robert Spooner (limited edition) Gallery should be given five stars! The stone-look tablets are visually striking with a high quality, tasteful shadow-boxed frame - neutral colors makes the art work fit in anywhere.

Stunningly beautiful by Bachy on 3/23/2013

I just bought this today, and had it on the wall within minutes. I've had my eye on this piece for a year and I finally was able to afford it with my 50% coupon. ( thank you jesus) it is so beautiful. The frame is so elegant. I just want to live by gods words and will remind myself every morning when I walk pass this in my hallway.

Beautiful by Phil77 on 3/22/2013

I bought this for myself because I have wanted it for a long time. It is the most beautiful rendition of the Ten Commandments I have ever seen. When you step back from the picture it looks like a stone tablet with engraving. The frame also is stunning. For those that are concerned about the price, it is well worth it. It will be a focal point on whatever wall you might want to hang it. It is large enough to go well over a couch, in a home office, etc. It is a great way to remind us each day to live by God's word. Makes a great gift for special occasions, such as pastor anniversary, birthdays, wedding or anniversary gifts, etc. Or just treat yourself like I did. You won't be sorry that you purchased this - it will bless you daily.

Best Poster a guy could ask for. by BibleReadingAdventist on 3/19/2013

I went in the Family Christian Store one day looking for a poster of the 10 Commandments that we all are supposed to follow and I asked the ladies behind the counter if they had one and they told me they were out of any posters as far as they could remember but they did have this framed art... When I first saw it I was blown back by its awesomeness and i started searching for a price sticker on it. When I saw the 399.99 I said o'well too rich for my blood and went to the back of the store and found the last poster (little smaller than I wanted but good enough). When I checked out they put a little coupon in my bag and upon examining it later I saw that it had a 40% off select wall decor coupon on it good for 2 weeks down the road and I thought about it for 2 strait weeks about how nice it would look as my only picture in my living room maybe over my couch or on an empty wall as my own personal daily reminder of how much God loves us and how we are to live everyday. I was worried however that it might not be one of the select wall decor' pictures. I went up there today and it worked I got it for 239.99 + tax which was still a bit expensive but as beautiful of a reminder as this is I splurged and got it. Beats 399.99 + tax. I would recommend this to ANYONE who wants a very nice wall memorial for their living room (its big). Oh and if you hurry you can get the 40% off online also I see they're having the deal online all week too. God Bless and I hope this helps. Thanks.

Great piece of art work by Commander Kirk on 1/26/2012

This framed artwork of the 10 commandments is breath taking. It is beautifully crafted and framed excellently. The earth tone colors selected for the framing is quite complementary. A beautiful addition to any home and I love it...

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